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鬼佬 teaching English

Posted on: June 10, 2011

If you are looking for English center taught by native speakers, in Klang Valley, there are three centers which I know of, as below:

Morris Allen English

They have a few branches in Singapore and one in Centerpoint Bandar Utama Malaysia. One input from a friend who sends her son (Std 1) there was there is a lot of listening, speaking, and also each week, the children have to read three books and write book  reviews to be shared in the class. Small class size 10/11 children a class.

We visited the place, it’s quite nice… with one flaw: there is no toilet inside the center. Children have to use the public toilet outside, shared with the other shoppers in the shopping complex. We are really concern about the safety of the children. Though during break time, teacher will bring the children to the toilet, but 1-to-10 ratio is definitely not good enough, still a risk there. I wonder why they cannot install the toilet inside their center. Shichida center which is just opposite the center has their own toilet inside as well.

Lorna Whiston Study Centres

This center is also originated from Singapore. They have two branches in Malaysia now, one in Taman Tun Dr Ismail and one in Taman Melawati. Similarly, on top of listening and speaking skill, sometimes aided with computers, they promote reading which will aid the children in their writing in future. Each children has to choose and read two books.  Also there are other fun art activities for younger children. Smaller class size: 10 students per class. Nice and safe environment. There is an assistant at the entrance and children are not allowed to leave without parents.

British Council Malaysia

British Council English Course for School

They have four centers in Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. They have long history here. More classroom based and aided with high tech multimedia  equipment, making the classroom more fun for the children. The course is quite interactive. Follow structure approach/syllabus based on text book from Cambridge. They introduce spelling from age 5. Bigger classroom size: 15 children per class. For younger children, they have assistant teacher in the class. Environment is quite nice also. The classroom wall is made of glass and you can see what is going on in the class, though it’s not advisable, might disturb the children. Have a library downstair with computers  and big waiting area for parents.


4 Responses to "鬼佬 teaching English"

Hi, I like your blog so much, it’s very informatative. Thanks for sharing. Btw, I would like to seek for your advice, based on your experience, which center – British Council or Lourna Whiston is better?

Both also good. My sisters send their children to British Council. And we might switch to British Council when our children is older. British Council is slightly more ‘classroom’ based.

Hi, first of all, thank you for your information. However, I’m not quite sure about “classroom” based. Hope you don’t mind to explain further for me. Thanking you in advance.

Hi Nadiah, mm.. in Lorna Whiston, the children are seated in circular, and in younger kids class, every time, teacher starts with individual reading, may be 5 minutes each. And there is circle time, story telling time. Then teacher will ask questions and do exercises based on the story shared etc. I feel that this kind of setting, can help encourage the children to speak out and share. So it’s not so much like school (a.k.a classroom teaching), where teacher teaching in front, children sitting in rows at the back. The environment is different. Just my own view. 🙂

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