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Sound of Music

Posted on: October 12, 2010

Tonight, accompanied the girls watching my all time favourite: Sound of Music.

It all started when Ling asked me, “Mummy, Doe a deer a female deer. Re is what?”

“Re, a drop of golden sun.”

“Oh, Re, a drop of golden sun.” Ling sang happily. “Then, Mi is what?”

I don’t know why suddenly she started singing this song, and that ring me to open this DVD and watch together with them.

I let the girls sat on my lap. I asked them whether they wanted to start from the beginning or the part where Maria taught the children the Do-Re-Mi song. They opted for start from beginning. And Ling asked me to on the subtitle so she can read what they are singing/talking about.

Ling was very funny. She got so much question to ask for every scene. And Ying was paying full attention to the show, so focus, quiet and not even moving her body (she likes to do that) that there were time I peep to check if she was asleep or still watching. And they were so into it that they started to worry when the father will show up. Ha ha.. they also don’t like the father.

This is a must see with your children. I am glad I did it (though we stopped just before the Captain came back from his trip as it was late and was their bedtime).

The girls were worried when Maria was asked to leave the abbey and they asked if she was scared (they some how knew she was sad by listening to her singing)? So I tried to explain she was and she was brave enough to overcome it and telling herself to be confident.

The first thing Ling asked after I explained to her Maria was sent to help a family with a father and 7 children, as the mother died already. She asked, is the father going to find a wife. hahaha.. she must be reading too much Snow White and Cinderella kind of stories.

Another scene is during the thunder storm, where the children came to Maria’s room and I am so glad I was there to explain the song for them, “When I am sad, I think of my favourite things … and that make me feel not so bad …”

We all love it so much.. I promised to let them continue tomorrow night.

“Mummy, I have an idea, we can watch it on Sunday. We are more free on Sunday.” Ling suggested.

“Can also.” I replied.

“… but Sunday is so long..” Ling commented .. hahaha

… and Ying sang proudly to me before she slept, “Mummy, I know the first one is: Doe , a deer a female deer. ”

..  sweet dream girls .. we all love you two..

You can watch it here :


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