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“I don’t see a point sending them to all these classes so young. Last time I also didn’t attend any tuition, my parents also didn’t help me in my study.”

“I believe my girls can make it to local university just like me. They are my girls.”

– things like children education and upbringing always are the topics of our fight.

– is it because last generation, the mother usually is a house wife and no income, so have to abide to what husband says?

– is it because now, women work and have income, when there are such conflicts, the mother can proceed to do things her way (work harder, earn more money, more tired, and more alone) and the family less peaceful as no one wants to play the role that gives in?


Well, 有一个奇想,it has been in my mind for quite a long time.

I sometimes feel guilty for printing so many flash cards, using so many papers, cutting down so many trees. Isn’t it nice if we have a Flash Cards Library, where working parents like me can go and borrow the cards to flash for my girls.

One set of flash cards can be reused by so many families, shared resources, eliminate redundant efforts, save more time and trees. If one parents already created the flash cards for let say occupations, he/she can donate to the library after their children no longer needs it. And other parents can reuse it and  use their time to create flash cards for other topics.

But then in reality, who want to contribute, in term of times, resources, efforts and $$$..


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