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“Mummy, mummy, in my Little Nobel, teacher Chris told me the Snow White story. Once upon a time …. ”

Ling was sharing her Snow White story with us excitedly, and Ying listened to her sister quietly.

Well, I try very hard to avoid buying books about those Princess and Prince stories, where the Princess always needs to be saved by the Prince. No No. No Snow White, No Cinderella, …

But the girls grow up now, and well, are bound to learn these stories.

“Do you like it?” Ling asked me after she finished her story.

I took a deep breathe and said, “Well, mummy don’t like this story very much… because .. mummy thinks Snow White is not a good Princess. Good Princess must be smart and wise and know how to think and remember that she shouldn’t take any food from a stranger. She simply eat the apple from an old lady she never met before and see, she died already.”

“Oh oh, that old lady is the bad queen.” explained Ling.

“But she did not die. The Seven Dwarfs saved her.” Ling added

“Ya. Luckily the Seven Dwarfs were there to rescue her. Else, she will die, right?”

Ling was silence for a very short while and then concluded, “Ya. . . but it’s just a story. Not real one.”

… hahaha… guess I worried too much..

I am wondering whether will there be time when I need to tell them “not every time Prince will save the day. Instead, some Prince might even be the culprit that bring sadness and difficult life to a Princess.”  … I think I really worried too much. Better go to sleep.


We are quite concerned after learning that RO water, being the most purified water (remove 90-99% of contamination), is acidic and leaches mineral from our body. How true all this, we have no way to tell.

Today, my husband consulted a friend who is very health concious all this while. He has been drinking RO water for decades. He is in good health now EXCEPT sometimes his hand (bone) feels pain. Can it be RO water?  No one can tell. But he suspects so too.

So, like us, this friend did some research, whether to throw away the expensive RO water purifying system. And he discovered this: Bamboo Charcoal.

Bamboo charcoal is rich in a number of minerals including potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium. By adding Bamboo Charcoal to a purified water (like RO and distilled water which are mineral-free),  its minerals are dissolved and it enriches the water, and making it less acidic and aggressive.

I browse through the net to learn more about Bamboo Charcoal, and this one is quite good:


Recommended this post from Homefrontier: From Homeschool to O-Level.

What I like is:

these boys were prepared in the basics – language (English) was strong (which also means reading/comprehension skills) and math skills were in place. These enabled them to handle specialised content, including material they had not handled before. Eg, physics, chemistry and additional math.

My opinion, if we are taking the public school route in this country, we must make sure the child’s BM is strong enough – as mentioned above “to handle specialised content”, to learn different subjects in BM.


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