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Bahasa Malaysia Suku Kata Cards (2)

Posted on: March 15, 2010

Just would like to share a little bit more about experience teaching Bahasa Malaysia suku kata.

When we were running the reading center, we were taught to flash the suku kata cards by pronouncing “ba”, “be”, “be”, “bi”, “bo”, “bu”. It worked for some kids, but not all, especially not for those just attending school and still learning the 26 alphabets.

We noticed that for those children, usually they would look blank in eyes when we flashed the cards that way. Then a teacher suggested why not revert to how we learn in old time.

Still, using the flash cards, this time, we just read aloud, “b”-“a”-“ba”, “b”-“e”-“be” while flashing the cards. I used the same method for Ying. As I said before, some children will follow and repeat what you’ve said. Some won’t. It doesn’t really matter.

Few months down the road, those children show a lot improvement. Most of them can straight pronounce “ba” when being flashed the card, without needing to decipher each alphabets, join it back, and try to pronounce it. And some finally can differentiate “b” and “d”. Well, things are starting to unwrap for them.


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