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I highly recommended this book if you can read Chinese.

I was quite worried for Ying as she was coughing for quite long, on and off. Then she has very sensitive stomach, very frequently get diarrhea.

Was wandering in Popular book store one day and pick up this book.

Now all the mystery about Ying (and my husband who is suffering from sinus) uncovered.

I am quite certain that Ying is 过敏(how to translate in English, over-allergy?). The book talked about the symptom of 过敏: like Ying, running nose in the morning or smell smoke, weather change to cold, weak stomach, …etc.

Then it talks about the top ten food that caused this 过敏 (in Taiwan) and shared the different test available to diagnose one’s allergen(source that cause the 过敏).

And the most important part, it talks about way to help release the 过敏symptom, and ways to heal totally for good.

I haven’t finished reading, as I need to read slowly, a lot of term in Chinese and need to translate to English.

Some of the thing I read are:

– way to cure mild 过敏 (blocked nose, running nose, rashes): lots of Vitamin C (500mg a day)+生物类黄酮, and Quercetin (from onion). For vitamin C + 生物类黄酮 can be gotten from fruits like orange, lemon, apple, kiwi, etc. And if you are taking the Vitamin C tablet to release your 过敏, his advice is to chew the tablet. One important note there is: you can increase your consumption of Vitamin C any time, BUT DO NOT drop the dosage drastically as it will cause the body to react like 败血病.

I feel like I should have read this book before my first pregnancy.

Even it’s not for your children, you should read it for yourself. According to the author, now in Taiwan, almost 80% of the population are suffering from different degree of 过敏.

Need to go to sleep now. Was too excited to share this.


Another books on teaching Phonics to young children that I like a lot is Phonics Discovery Series by KohWai & Young. I come with CDs and activity books as well. And I understand that some kindergartens (E.g. Elite in Puchong) do use these books.

The contents cover:

Some cute number peg flash cards.

When Ling read the “5 golden rings”, she said:

“Just nice for my hand.” while she tried to put each ring on her fingers.

Then she continued,

“Now my hands can marry each other.”



Please click the link below to download the cards:

Number Peg 1 to 12 (A5)


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