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Last night, bought a home made wheat bread, a small bottle of home made kaya and home made peanut butter from a stall outside a grocery shop, planning for this morning breakfast for the girls. They have an early class.

This morning, I was busy with other preparation. Daddy woke up slightly early to toast the bread. Then, that’s it. He left the toasted bread on the plate and thinking it’s ready to wake the girl up. At that time, we only have around 30 minutes left to leave the house.  30 minutes to clean and dress up and finish the meal, it’s kind of challenging.

I was a bit upset. I told daddy,” You should have finished spreading the kaya and peanut butter, keep the bottles of kaya and peanut butter from their sight, then only wake up the girls. You should know them well and should be able to predict what kind of request they will throw in seeing un-spreaded bread on the table. And you should be able to predict how long all this nagging and bargaining will take, and some times even end up with crying and scolding.”

Daddy kept quiet and did what I’ve told, spread the bread, put it nicely on the plate, keep the bottles, then got the girls down. The girls were happy after a good night sleep. They finished their meal, clean up and dressed up and went to class on time. Everything – peaceful.

Ya, it’s really a very very small tiny matter. But I think it’s something we need to practise being the parents of this new era kids. They are just so superly duple brilliant (ya, Ying favourites – superly duple). And you have to have the wit and “insight” to out-smart them, on top of patient; so that you can be in control.

Hopefully we will have a wonderful weekends 🙂 Same to you.



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