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‘dot-dot’ Math worksheet (1)

Posted on: January 14, 2010

I created the following math worksheets for the girls. Ying was still too young to put her on too much writing exercise. So I used the ‘dot-dot’ stickers which I bought from Becon stationery shop.

I created the following worksheets for them. They LOVE it.

Important rule: I don’t give them all at one time, just one worksheet a day. (Similar to Shichida home exercise rule: you stop before they want to).

So everyday, the worksheet helps to occupy their time for a while and I can squeeze some for myself. 🙂 And the writing part, I let them choose their favourite ‘magic pen’ to trace, with different colors they like.







If you have attended Heguru, you will find the 四方格 quite familiar, right? I like the way Heguru uses the different size of 四方格 to teach the math; like 3×3, 5×5. (they also have the other random dots like other right brain training schools) Some brilliant kids can even catch the idea of counting by these grouping themselves.


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i never attend heguru & shichida class. may i know how to do the ‘dot-practise’? is it stick 1 sticker in the 1 worksheet?

there are so many right brain classes in the market, i believed you attended heguru & shichida right? what is your comment?


have a nice day!!!

wai leng

Hi Wai Leng,
In Heguru, they show a set of math dot cards. mm.. how to explain. E.g. for number five, the card is showing a 5×5 square boxes, with the first column filled with dots, then e.g number eight, it’s the first column filled with dots and second columns filled with 3 dots, start from bottom. So they just flash those cards.
Then another exercise is more about addition, similarly, background card is a blank 5×5 boxes, e.g. when teacher want to teach 3 + 2 = 5. She has a small cards, 1X3 (a tall thin card which is equivalent to 3 straight dots) and another 1×2. Then she moves the cards to show the kids 3 + 2 actually filled up the first column.
The worksheet you can use it anyway, e.g, for 1, just ask the kid to stick the 1 sticker in the 5×5 boxes. or can first ask the kids what the number is, then ask them to paste the correct amount of stickers. My girls love pasting stickers.

can u elaborate more on this math dot cards? why must it be a 5×5 square box? any explaination? so you flash all those cards until 100? can u explain more abt the addition on how u flash 3+2 = 5? for this exercise, we need 3 cards (1st card for dot 3, 2nd card for dot 2 and 3rd for dot 5)?

Hi Angie, it’s not really a flash card. Just some worksheet I let my girls to practise what is taught in Heguru. Mainly to let them understand addition, like if + 1, paste (add) one sticker , then you will get the answer.

The 5×5 is how Heguru used it. They have 3×3, 5×5, etc.

Hi Serene,

hi hi. i just sent my 1 year old girl to heguru too. and i’m so happy that you sharing with us this dot dot worksheet. as i’m planning to do it myself too for home practice. thanks again for your kind sharing. really appreciate your effort.

how to use it? i remember sansei put the dot on it… is that the way i should practice with my girl? but then my girl just turn 1 years old. thus, asking her to use sticker might be dangerous for her, as i will forsee all the sticker will be inside her tummy rather than on the worksheet.

Hi Kei Kei, firstly, you are welcome. 🙂 Just sharing what I have, instead of leaving it in my computer, hopefully can help other parents out there, especially those who live in places where lack such enrichment program classes.

Ya, I just want the girl to put on the dots, practise some counting, and hopefully can visualize the dots and the grouping of 5 eventually.

Oh, 1 year old a bit too young to play the sticker by herself. May be you can do it together with her, paste and count aloud with her. More safe this way 🙂

nice meeting you. 🙂 in fact, i’m using your worksheet to create the flash card. 🙂 hope you don’t mind.

in fact, i went to ask the sansei the differences of the colour dot and details of teaching the dot too. and i’m really excited that the sansei really willingly to teach. once i finish the flashcard, i would really want to share with you too.

like what you mentioned, sharing to help other parents. but i didn’t maintain any blog. anyhow, will email to you once it’s done. (hope you don’t mind of my kepochi).

thanks for sharing your “hard-work” worksheet!!

hi hi…
anyone attended both shichida and heguru?
how do you find them ? which do you prefer ?
and which your baby prefer ?
kinda hard to decide for new mums…

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