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Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

Posted on: November 23, 2009

Actually we heard of this wonderful vacuum cleaner few years back. Last weekend only has the chance to witness this powerful machine at work. A friend introduced a representative for this product to come over to demo to us. So coincident we are looking for a replacement for our Sharp HEPA air cleaner machine which when kaputt after 2 years.

First they did some explanation on this water based vacuum cleaner and brief comparison with the bag technology, pro and cons; and then it is action time. It clean the floor, clean the curtain, clean our tv set. Then the most amazing part came, it clean our mattress.

It was a bit horrible for me to see how the colour of the water changed to brownie, and seeing those dirt (dust mites and it’s output) floating on top of the water. 

Can’t imagine my girls breathing all these every night and no wonder they always have allergic cough.

We did the cleaning for my dad room. He was so impressed and commented, “Last time I used to feel there are sand-like things on my bed, but no matter how I try, I cannot pick it up. Now, they are all gone and the bed is so smooth now.”

Check out this from eBay about the vacuum cleaner.  Leave me your contact if you are in Malaysia and are interested, I can get the representative to do a demo for you and I can get some free gifts as well 😛

6 Responses to "Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner"

Serene, how much is d vacuum cleaner? Is it costly?

ya. More than thousand


vacuum cleaners with very powerful motors are the ones that we always buy, they are a bit expensive but definitely better _

We have had our rainbow vacuum cleaner for a few years now
it cleans amazing!
the only thing I don’t like is having to dump the water out after each and every use.
I love the air purifier how you can add scents and it makes the whole house smell good
another bad thing is cleaning the actual machine. it gets dirty quite often and its wise to clean it very often

Yes. A very good helper when we do our Spring Cleaning this year. Ya, when used in old unattended places with a lot of dust, we got sticky stuff on the inner wall (after we pour out the dirty water), and we need to wash and scratch it out.

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