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Blacklisted Workshop

Posted on: November 10, 2009

My car broke down a month back. Sent it to repair at a car workshop opposite Puteri Mart, alone. Well, they told me the plug spoiled, I called my hubby to cross check. Then they added don’t know what pipe and something else need to be changed and I just passed my phone to them to speak to my hubby.

Now, a month later, some symptom comes back. I can’t even drive up the parking for IOI Mall. The car just slided down no matter how hard I tried.

This time my hubby took the car to a workshop in USJ, recommended by friends. Well, you know what, the last workshop had installed a non-compatible plug for me. After they change to a new one (luckily just cost me RM28), now my red ferrarri is just as good as new 😛

Blacklist the workshop. Though it’s my fault too for not picking up this knowledge, (really don’t have much interest to know more about car, as long as I can make it move and stop plus air-con is cold enough, that’s enough for me.) but still I don’t think the mechanic should take advantage of me lo… 😦

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