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“Mummy, I like you the best.”

“Mummy, I can remember Sensei teaches me ‘Where do I live’ – ‘In a house … in a city … in a state … in a country'”

“Mummy, see I can remember 17 Chlorine.”

“Mummy, see Sensei teaches us Parking Zone sign, Two Way Traffic, ….”

“I am glad you like Heguru.”

“What is Heguru?”

“It’s the class that you attend with Ying, with Sensei in it.”

“Oh..I see.”


Thanks Heguru… at least my daughters are learning and picking up new things and that makes them feel good about themselves. 🙂 And I strongly agree that early childhood education best started with parents around the children. I believe it will be totally different if we are not in the class and learn together with them.

My car broke down a month back. Sent it to repair at a car workshop opposite Puteri Mart, alone. Well, they told me the plug spoiled, I called my hubby to cross check. Then they added don’t know what pipe and something else need to be changed and I just passed my phone to them to speak to my hubby.

Now, a month later, some symptom comes back. I can’t even drive up the parking for IOI Mall. The car just slided down no matter how hard I tried.

This time my hubby took the car to a workshop in USJ, recommended by friends. Well, you know what, the last workshop had installed a non-compatible plug for me. After they change to a new one (luckily just cost me RM28), now my red ferrarri is just as good as new 😛

Blacklist the workshop. Though it’s my fault too for not picking up this knowledge, (really don’t have much interest to know more about car, as long as I can make it move and stop plus air-con is cold enough, that’s enough for me.) but still I don’t think the mechanic should take advantage of me lo… 😦

Today brought Ling to pay a visit at Bao Bei @Puchong. She is bored. I think she is academically sound but she needs to build up the interest in Mandarin. At home, when she is free to choose any story books on the rack, she will certainly choose the English one, next is Malay. Mandarin one, .. have to bribe her sometimes.. Another thing may be those Chinese story books not so humorous compared to English one, which allows her imagination to run wild. ..

These is also one of the reasons I stop my reading center last time. Because I find it too academic and it doesn’t cultivate the ‘true love’ to the language, it doesn’t cover other things like 朗诵诗歌, story telling in that language, etc. , mainly focuses on flashcards and the word recognition.  The reading class is more suitable for 5-6 years old and need to be conducted with discipline, so that the children are prepared for the long school hour and get used of sometimes studies is not all the way fun. Opps, sorry, side track already.


So there we go. Along the way, Ling asked, does it have art and craft? Does it have singing? Does it have worksheet? Does it have story books to read? (well, her English class has all these) Is it a surprise? Shall I close my eyes for the surprise? Are we there yet? …

When we reached, Ling already  noticed the laughters and joyous sounds coming from the classroom. I let her join the class while talking to the teacher there.

Well, no surprise, she stayed until the class ended and came out with such a radiant in her face. Back at home, she told me, “Mum, I want to go to the class tomorrow. Can Ying go too? I saw the paper (brochure I brought home), it stated 3-6 years old, so Ying can go too right?” … (oh dear, I am broke then)

Late at night, when her dad came home, Ling ran to announce that her mother found her a wonderful class “What is it call again mummy?” “Bao Bei, dear”. Then she turned to her sister, “Ying, you can go too. I saw it said 3 to 6. And you must speak 华语 only. When the lesson ends, you greet teacher 再见,not good bye, and sit there to wait for mummy to come.”  The ever blur-blur Ying said, “Oh, 3 and 6 aa,… how about 2? … aa.. you are 4, can you go aa?…”

Do read this article from BBC News.

It says “children aged five with “tough love” parents were twice as likely to show good character capabilities.”

“Qualities such as application, self-regulation and empathy were more likely to be developed in children whose parents employed a “tough love” approach.”



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