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Well, I am a failure in teaching my girl using either Shichida / Glen Doman Math Dot cards. I used to be concerned (very concern indeed)… now I look back, I am being too ridiculous 😛 Well, my girls know numbers well. They understand what is plus and minus. Plus, you add the thing into the group and, minus, you take away. Ling sometimes when she is bored, will just write on a piece of paper, some addition like 7 + 5 = 12, then called me to see it (and surely a big clap / hug I will give her as reward).

I attended the Heguru talk and meet the wonderful Mr and Mrs Henmi. Well, during the Q&A, Mrs Henmi did mention, based on their 20+ years of experience, there are kids who do well in Math Dot cards, but aint doing well in mathematics.

I used to be confused too on way to teach mathematics. I even asked a school teacher what is the “proper or correct” way to teach say addition to the children. Well, there is no one way, can be many different way, and math is not just counting, memorizing, addition, multiplication, .. it’s more than that. It combines the knowledge, the understanding of the concept and logic, how can you use it / apply it in problem solving, in real life.

So, I tell myself, it’s ok my girls not able to tell which dot card show 35 when Sensei asked, as long as I know they know how many is 35.



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