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Glen Doman Math Dot Cards

Posted on: October 20, 2009

This is a must visit site if you would like to teach Math Dots cards using Glen Doman methods.

I must confess that it’s a failure for me. I made a few big mistakes when trying to teach Math Dot cards using Shichida Method.

I was somewhat slow, because I didn’t think they really “got it”, and I went over the same numbers over and over again, testing them (well, in SM class, sometimes, the Sensei will pick two cards after the flashing is done, and ask the children which is showing number x. This is the killer) frequently. And the girls either feel bored or stressed. I just stopped.

Check out this wonderful site “Your Baby Can Learn Math!” and the blog from a mother who is successful in teaching her son at the age of  20 months old. Give it a try if you can. There is nothing to lose.


3 Responses to "Glen Doman Math Dot Cards"

I am overwhelmed with the wealth of information on the internet abut early learning.

I tried “Your Baby Can Read” with my 15 month old, and had such great success, I am eager to move onto Math. I have just ordered the book on Math from Glenn Doman, and have started with the Math Dots. I am wondering if I need Tweedlewink or Brill Kids Math or Reading. (I am currently using the 14 day trial for Brill Kids). My youngest is 2 yrs & 2 months old. (Her siblings are 5 yrs, and 6.5 yrs)

Teaching the alphabets by the sound of the letters in stead of the name of the alphabets, that’s really more effective.

agree 🙂

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