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Food that help sustains knee cartilage

Posted on: October 20, 2009

There are a few good family friends and relatives shared their tips, 秘方 after hearing about my dad’s case.

Some said taking sea cucumber 海参 : steam the sea cucumber with loin pork until it’s cooked will help supplement the lost cartilage.

Some said drink wine, red wine, beer (in a controlled manner), when you are younger can prevent the lost of knee cartilage. My dad said he regretted for not touching any of this when he is younger. His elder brother, elder cousins who enjoy these drinks don’t have any knee issues like him.

Some said you should start taking the glucosamine supplement even you don’t have any cartilage issue. Well, my uncle started taking it when he was 50+ and as strong as a bull (he was a strong farmer before he retired) and now he is in his 70+ and he also doesn’t have such problem.


Well, all this are sharing from good people who mean well. There is no scientific proof of it.

We start taking some Chinese medication wine like Yomeishu 养命酒 and my hubby appreciates red wine, good red wine especially when meeting up with friends.

p.s. I am not promoting alcohol here. Just like coffee, my personal view, these food taken in moderate amount will do our body more good than harm.


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