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Hegure @MidValley

Posted on: September 8, 2009

Last Sunday I attended a trial class with my younger daughter @ Heguru MidValley.

Just my personal view:

Basically it’s similar to Shichida.

There are one Sensei and one assistant in the class of 5. It is well organized and more smooth in the sense that the Sensei focuses on delivering the lesson and coaching the children, and the assistant prepares all the upcoming teaching / activities materials. This spares the Sensei some times to provide personal feedback and contact to the children. To me, not so stress, Sensei not so rush and for the children, not too long the waiting time for next activities.

The Sensei will call out every children one by one, giving them their name card. And the child has to introduce him/herself in front of all. (Sensei will guide them :))  This one I like. Good exposure for the children, to be more brave and I see it as an intro to public speaking.

The class started with intro to time using the clock with number printed beside the minutes note. (Sorry, not sure how to describe). And the Sensei simulates the movement of the clock and telling the kids the time displayed on the clock, in a very fast manner.

Then they teach about the chemitry periodic chart – 1 Hidrogen 2 Helium … 10 Neon.

Linking memory, they use bigger cards, laying each cards on the floor, and introduce to the children how to create story using the picture cards. E.g. when it’s my daugther’s turn, she was given 3 cards, gloves, boat and space. She spoke out the words very fast. Then the Sensei taught her, pointing to the picture s, “I put on gloves and row the boat to space”.

Flashcards – very fast. However, amazingly, my little princess can sit still and look at it without a blink. I guess the Sensei plays an important role. She is fast, precise and sharp. And her voice .. to put it in Mandarin .. we call it 洪亮. And some of the flashcards (songs, foreign language), they play the song/words.  And I like it as most of the cards in A4… bigger size.

There are mandala, where children are shown a picture of shapes and colours to memorize, and then they are asked to color based on what they can remember.

Speed reading also quite good as they will flash some cards related to the speed reading story they are going to use, then only start the spead reading session.

And they really teach Japanese character on top of the standard Ka-Ki-Ku-Ke-Ko song. They is a session where they asked the children to trace the Ko character. (To me, just like learning alphabat).

One thing missing compare to Tweedle Wink is the music part. In Tweedle Wink, they use one instrument to let the children to listen to the note sound. Forgot what they call the thing already.

Another portion that I like in Tweedle Wink but not in Heguru is the Field Trip / Special Room  (Play Pretend).

So in short, they are fast, more organized and the teachers are quite ..efficient. environment also not bad.

We still think how good or effective all these programs are (Shichida, Tweedle Wink, Heguru) rely mainly on the quality of the teachers.

Unit 27-3, Blk B, Signature Office, Mid Valley Boulevard, KL.
Tel: 603-22872168

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I took my daughter to attending their trial infant class today @ 2pm, my girl was a bit sleepy but still can managed several things that sensei asked to do. She seem enjoys them, juz the timing matter. After I talked to the admin, managed to get her started next month Thursday morning. phew~~

The class started just as what you mentioned in the blog. I like the extra Japanese language to input to the children too. Today, we taught the Great Wall & China, Eagar (Musician) & some classical music and arts.

Then we were arranged go to another room for “跳弹弓床”…

the environment is great.

Thanks for your blog review…make me have more confident towards Heguru.

I haven’t been to Shichida, but some of my friends have stopped after they joined 1 1/2 years, as they commented not so good. I believe home practice is important too.


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