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Teaching Bahasa Malaysia using Flash Cards

Posted on: September 1, 2009

Some school of thoughts put learning English more towards left brain side of activities vs Chinese. I kind of agree to it, especially when put in context of teaching Bahasa Malaysia. It involves logic thinking where the children need to be able to ‘compose’ the pronounciation of the words.

There is a pre-requisite for a child to learn this language: the child need to know all the 26 alphabets. We meet one student where after teaching for months and see very slow progress, only we found out he is not able to differentiate the letter ‘p’ and ‘d’ and ‘b’.

Back to learning Bahasa Malaysia, the most fundamental is teaching suku kata. Once the children pick up the skill to pronounce the suku kata correctly, they can read…..

.. BUT the next stage will be the hardest part for a non-Malay speaking child, they don’t know what the words mean. And the teaching session becomes the most boring session as at that time, the teacher will start focusing on explaining and telling the children what the words mean, the children will be asked to read and explain what they understand from the words. Most of the children hate it because to them, they already know how to read :P. But this is the only way to pick up the language for them. Use it, read aloud, memorize the meaning, read it, use it …..


5 Responses to "Teaching Bahasa Malaysia using Flash Cards"

I would like to teach my girl bahasa myself as I wants to spend more time with her. I would like to make my own flashcards, pls may I know where can I get the bahasa sukukata? Thank you.

I have one extra set. Let me check it out and may be I can find the softcopy and upload to my site.

Thank you very much.

O yea, can I teach her chinese and bahasa at the same time…? Will she be confuse? Am not good in chinese, instead of flashing to her, can I just let her know mummy wants to learn with her?

Hi Queenie, yes. Certainly you can. I learn spanish together with them. 🙂

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